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Learn anything outside academia within a school...

Aiming at making quality life-long learning accessible through experienced industry leaders’ curated courses ranging from ‘learning how to start a company’ from an experienced CEO to ‘becoming a pilot’ from an award-winning pilot.

Average teenager attention span
56 mins
Average Online course
8- 15 hours
Average Nano Course on alacrous
62 mins

Accessibility improvement in context to attention span, interest and retention apart from availability of content curated by industry leaders.

Only Non Academia

Nano Courses (90 mins at max)

Directly within schools

Want to work with us?

We are always looking for open minded young individuals with a push to make a difference, evolve education and embrace change.

If you are one of them, we are hiring!

We are a young organization looking to create a change, we believe less in a hierarchy, more in unity making it an innovative workhouse.

We try being flexible as and when can, a portion of our positions are very often completely ‘work from home’.

If you resonate with the values and only if you do, we are on a quest to find you!

We cannot seem to see any open positions right now, however, drop a mail to hello@alacrous.com