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Privacy Policy

  • Your ID, Password and other verification details are stored in an SQL data base in our secure servers. This includes google user data.
  • Your registration information is protected and used only when getting in touch
  • We do not share your information without permission
  • The machine learning algorithm tracks only your usage of courses, the time taken and preferences to give you better results when you search for new courses to undertake
    All the data that you submit on this site shall not be used for any financial means by means of your content
  • all data you submit is in ownership of learn.alacrous.com
  • Your information is shared only with verified representatives in case of support and/or towards further development in the category and/or for the application.
  • Your data is treated with care and not leaked for which every effort is undertaken by Alacrous
  • Alacrous can change the policy anytime
  • Alacrous is not answerable to anybody if there is a change in the policy