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Learn through
Actual Work Experiences

Externships with Leading Companies for Undergraduate and Highschool Students

Extern with leading companies: Gain practical experience, tackle real-world challenges, and collaborate for a future-ready education

In the press:

"Our youth needs to see and experience risk taking, problem solving, negotiating, collaboration and failing in real companies. Alacrous is a conduit to making this happen and this is what the world and the economy needs. The world needs fewer ‘A’ Graders who ace the classroom without real world experience."

Lina Ashar

Founder of KKEL
KKEL operates over 150 International Schools in 5 countries.

"We believe students are uniquely positioned to help companies in their ways of working by providing a new lens, which is missing in the day to day operations.
The work that Alacrous is doing is awesome, as they are pushing the norms and creating a new normal."

Ankur Jain

Founder of HostelFund: Early Stage Venture Capitalist

But.. Why should you do an Alacrous Externship?

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Hands-on Learning within Real-World environments

Whether you choose to partake in an offline or in-person externship, you will work on solving innovative problems and learn through hands-on involvement.
You Apply directly through Alacrous and manage everything from a single place.

Learn through Practical experience and projects with partner companies in the real world, not just from textbooks.

Our programs immerse you in real-world projects led by industry experts, ensuring you gain valuable skills that directly apply to your future career.
This approach helps you develop valuable skills and insights that are immediately applicable to your future career.


Gain a powerful Credential

An Alacrous externship not only demonstrates your knowledge but also your ability to apply it practically. This experience proves your value to employers and universities.

Each externship comes with a certificate and a unique validation code that can be verified online, ensuring your achievements are recognized and credible.

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