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Learn the Right Way,
By Doing

If age does not affect your enthusiasm, why should it affect anything.

Made for School students(No Age Limits) to be able to indulge in Work Experiences, Gain exposure and make a Contribution

We are currently accepting applications only through partner organizations.

Linkedin Networing Volunteer-ship

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Startup Basics Internship

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Artificial Intelligence Internship

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" All the tasks that we, as a team did in the past two months, were extraordinary, and helped me get an insight on myself and develop new skills. In my opinion, doing an internship in high school is a wonderful idea. It presents you with learnings which are usually at higher levels of education. I am just so overwhelmed with my internship experience."

Aditya Pratap Singh

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Raipur | High School Student - Grade 11
Got an internship through Alacrous

"My internship was a great learning experience about the workspace environment and work-related assignments, all the while keeping it cool and informal, the internship has also provided me with a group of connections who would take me way further and beyond."

Abhiroop Reddy

Aga Khan Academy, Hyderabad | High School Student
Got an internship through Alacrous

Apply for a program that interests you, and you’d like to pursue an internship within

Based on the program: Online Pre-Training begins, or an Interview is scheduled

Your internship begins, Alacrous stays involved to make sure it is smooth

You get certified, accompanied with a code to authenticate your internship.