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Hire highly motivated interns into your team

Pioneer the HighSchool internships movement and get new levels of creativity and diversity with fresh ideas and perspectives to challenges

Save the tedious time spent hiring and instead invest it into training the same interns and helping them Perform Better, and increase Productivity

Hiring High school Interns through Alacrous:

Planning a Beta Launch to run as a test within your organization, before a full-fledged launch

Collaborating over creating a Pre-Hiring Protocol: Online Pre-Training based or a classic approach.

Launching the Intern Hiring Protocol and commencing the Beta. Alacrous stays involved throughout

After completion of round 1 of internships, analyzing the result, and stepping further only if it is a mutual fit.

A few of our partners:

We work with companies on a personal level to help onboard their requirements in the most optimal manner,

Drop us a mail at:

A representative from our team is constantly available throughout the program, for you to get in touch with: to assist with anything that may come.

Our proprietary VOD based pre-training process acts as filtering module to shortlist fit candidates through training content(<40 mins) that we work with your team to create, which the student undergoes prior to qualifying: as a filter (by VOD).

Alternatively, a more standard procedure is available: Our HR team collaborates with your HR division to implement a more classic approach.

Interns are Primarily from Schools across India, and belong to classes X, XI and XII.

Once the test period is over, only if it is a fit for you, on a mutual decision: We go ahead with exploring a More Static Long term approach.

The regular work hours for students interning with our current partners, lie between 1.5 hours to 4 hours.